Service Organization Application

You can download the Service Organization Application and mail it to our address

or you can complete the online registration form below

  • Service Organizations

    South Carolina Service Organizations and Educational Institutions are given an opportunity to showcase the work they do in our community. One booth is assigned based on the application date and for a minimum donation of $300. The Festival Office reserves the right to limit the number of booths representing the same type of organization. Due to space limitations and other considerations, all applicants may not be accepted. If there are still spaces available after the registration deadline, you may be able to secure a second booth for an additional donation of $100. You may not sell anything in this section.
  • One skirted table and two chairs are included in each booth registration for free. Extra tables, chairs, and skirts may be rented at the fee rate indicated below. Enter the quantity desired.
  • Quantity (Only if you need extra)
  • Quantity (Only if you need extra)
  • Quantity (Only if you need extra)
  • (including minimum donation of $300.00)
  • Submit the following:

    Completed Application and a check for the rental items. Please make checks payable to Columbia International Festival and mail to 610 Pickens St. Columbia, SC 29201. Fees are non-refundable unless the application is rejected. Fees are also non-refundable for no-shows (bazaar vendors/service organizations). NOTE: National exhibitors are RESPONSIBLE for their country’s flag bearer in the Parade of Nations and are encouraged to participate in the Adult’s Fashion Show. Please fill out and submit those forms as well.
  • Agreement

    I, the undersigned, wish to participate in the Columbia International Festival and I have read and agree to abide by the festival rules. As the representative of the group/ organization named on this form, I also acknowledge responsibility for any loss or damage to people or property caused by anyone we enlist to help us during the festival, and I further release the Columbia International Festival Committee, its agents and festival staff/volunteers, and the SC State Fairgrounds and its employees from any claims concerning my organization or volunteers resulting from events at the festival. I am responsible for listing all workers related to my group (including children ages six & up) on the crew list and making sure all participants are informed of and understand festival regulations.