2002 International Professional of the Year

The International Professional of the Year for 2002 was Dr. Prithvi Reddy of Hyderabad, India. Following medical training in both India and England, Dr. Reddy came to the U.S. in 1969, and completed four years of Surgical Residency at Prince George’s General Hospital in Cheverly, Maryland. He was the Chief Surgical Resident in Pediatric Surgery at Children’s Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for two years, then entered private practice as a pediatric surgeon here in Columbia, SC on July 1, 1976. During the 26 years he has lived in the Midlands, Dr. Reddy has authored numerous medical papers, served as Clinical Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at USC’s School of Medicine, been active in nearly a dozen medical societies and associations, and has helped thousands of South Carolina’s children live healthy and normal lives. He is presently Director of Pediatric Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Richland Memorial Hospital and serves on the Children’s Rehab Advisory Board.


2002 International Volunteers of the Year


Ms. Grace Collins, a native of Calbayog, Samal, Republic of the Philippines has lived in the Midlands for 27 years. An employee of the SC Dept. of Public Safety, Ms. Collins has served as a volunteer with the Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia for over ten years. She has distinguished herself as Vice-President of the Association for five years and is presently a member of its Executive Board. She has used her skills and tireless energy to recruit and organize others where needed, and is the founder, director, and choreographer of the Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe for the Columbia area. Ms. Collins has also been a member of the Columbia International Festival Committee since its beginning in 1996, has helped organize the Asian-Pacific celebration at Ft. Jackson for several years, and promotes Philippine culture in other areas, as well, including Charleston, Charlotte, and Fayetteville.


Mr. Anthony Forker was born in Pyong Yang, North Korea, fled with family members to the South during the Korean War (in which his father was killed), and was later adopted by a U. S. Army officer. He immigrated to Hawaii in 1962, and entered the U.S. Army in 1969. He was wounded in Vietnam, and also served in Operation Desert Storm. Following 30 years of service to our country, Command Sergeant Major Forker retired at Ft. Jackson and settled in the Columbia area. He has used his enthusiasm and organizational skills to improve the effectiveness of the Korean Association of Columbia, is a member of the Richland Sheriff’s Advisory Committee, serves on the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council and on the Columbia International Festival Committee. He is a deacon at the Columbia Korean Presbyterian Church. Mr. Forker was instrumental in gaining approval for and then coordinating the translation of the DMV driver’s test into Korean. He also coordinated the bringing of a 9,900 pound stone from Korea’s Naktong River, for the Korean War Memorial on the grounds of the Dorn V.A. Medical Center here in Columbia. He and his wife, Usun, are the parents of five children, and have five grandchildren.


2002 Community Ambassador of the Year

Dr. Jeffrey S. Arpan has been chosen as the Community Ambassador of the Year for 2002. This is a recognition of his personal achievements as a native-born American, and his contribution to our community through building bridges of understanding between foreign-born people, businesses and the locals.

Dr. Arpan is Chairman of the International Business Department at the University of South Carolina, and has directed the Master of International Business Studies program at USC in years past. Both entities have received international acclaim during his tenure. He is the James F. Kane Professor of International Business, and is also a Fellow and previous President of the Academy of International Business, the professional association of international business professors worldwide. For more than 25, years he has researched and presented international business topics to groups in more than a dozen countries. He is the author of more than six books and fifty articles on international business, and has served as a consulting editor for the Journal of International Business Studies. Professor Arpan has been active in executive development programs for companies such as IBM,Verizon, Westinghouse, Eastman Chemical, Sonoco, and Xerox. In 1999, he was awarded USC’s Outstanding Teacher Award for Executive Education. Dr. Arpan is a recognized authority in international business, with special interest in East Asia and Latin America. Last year he was listed in Southern Growth Magazine as one of the ten people to watch concerning Globalization.