Elizabeth Maxey-2001

International Business Person of the Year: Elizabeth Maxey

Elizabeth was born in Cracow, Poland and while there received her license to practice aesthetics. She came to the USA in 1973 and moved to Columbia shortly after that. While in Columbia, she received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina. That year also, she opened the EUROPEAN SKIN CLINIC – the first of its kind in Columbia. Many have trained and received their credentials under her leadership.

Mrs. Maxey is actively involved in the Polish community. She is an active church member and contributes to many charitable organizations. She lives in Forest Acres with her husband.

Nieves McNulty-2001

International Professional of the Year: Dr. Nieves Austria McNulty
Dr. McNulty graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Ph.D. degree in mathematics. At present she is a professor and Chair of the mathematics department at Columbia College where she is an effective educator. This year she has been chosen to receive the National Science Foundation grant on “Understanding Technology Through Robotics and Multi-Media.”

She has been a key volunteer in the recent Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities and always encourages people to participate in the community service.

Originally from the Philippines, she is president of the Filipino American Association of Greater Columbia which actively promotes their cultural heritage at community events.

Arthur Bailie

Community Ambassador of the Year: Arthur J Bailie

Art’s hospitality and friendship have endeared him to many people. He is well known in the midlands for his Scottish accent and wearing of the Kilt. Home schooling parents and public education teachers alike often request Art to come and teach about his Scottish heritage.

Art graduated from Columbia International University in 1976 and spent the next six months working with the Native Americans in Canada. He delights in attending international functions with intercultural groups. For eight years, he has worked with HIS International and has been a member of the international festival committee. Mr. Bailie is married and has a family.

Mary Rickman
Festival Service Recognition: Mary Rickman
Mary Rickman was born into a Greek family that came from Greece in 1933. Born in Ohio and moved to Columbia when she was six months old. Mary began attending grade school in Columbia braving only Greek, and even today is proficient in speaking and writing in Greek. In 1976 she began a business known as AMCOL Systems. This expertise she also used within the Greek Church by serving on the Diocese Financial Committee. She traveled across the country to encourage the parishioners to contribute to the church and diocese financially. The financial policies and procedures she helped develop are still used nationwide today. In 1986 she joined the planning committee for the well-known Greek Festival. She has been the chairperson of the Greek Festival Committee for the past decade. She is also the president of her church council.

Mary is instrumental in helping Dr. Aluri’s vision of getting the Columbia International Festival into a reality five years ago. With her energy, enthusiasm, experience as a chairperson of the Greek Festival Committee and her volunteer spirit has been invaluable to the success of the Columbia International Festival Committee. She was the general chair of the Columbia International Festival Committee for the first three years. Her husband Jay Rickman, took her role as the general chair of the Columbia International Festival Committee for the last couple of years. Without both of their help, the festival would not be a success for the past five years.