1998 International Professional of the year:  Dr. Chun-Yau Kwok

Dr. “Chuck” Kwok is Professor of International Business at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.  A native of Hong Kong, he came to the U.S in 1981 to pursue his doctorate at the University of Texas (Austin).  He has been teaching at USC since 1984, and is active in building similar programs in other universities as well as holding seminars for business executives around the world.  His research concentrates on the Pacific Rim, and he has been a visiting professor at major universities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Vienna, and Monterrey, Mexico.  He was listed among the top 25 scholars contributing to the Journal of International Business Studies from 1970-94, has served on the editorial boards of several international business journals and as a reviewer for others.  For two years he served as vice president of the Academy of International Business.


1998 International Volunteer of the Year:  Dr. Noel Alon

Originally from the Philippines, Mr. Alon came to Columbia in 1977 as a Fulbright Scholar to pursue graduate studies at USC.  He graduated magna cum laude, and received his Ph.D. in Marine Science in 1996.  Settling in Columbia, he has become the behind-the-scenes mover of the area’s Filipino-American community and a strong promoter of multi-cultural education and understanding in the community.  An active volunteer in his children’s schools since 1990, he has served on various committees, and developed Windsor Elementary’s award-winning internet web site.  He received awards for this and for “outstanding contributions to technology” in Richland School District Two, and has become an internet consultant for the district, the National Peach Council, among his other clients.  He is married to the former Helen Dacara, a registered nurse at Palmetto Richland Hospital, three-term president of the Filipino-American Association, and the cultural entertainment coordinator for the 1996 and 1997 International Festivals.


1998 International Community Ambassador:  Fred Monk

For 16 years Mr. Monk was the Business Editor for The State, South Carolina’s largest newspaper.  He developed international business coverage for the The State, including a weekly international business column.  He was one of five Americans selected to tour Japan in 1982 as part of Kezai Koho Center’s foreign journalist program.  In 1994, he was named the second International Ambassador of the Year by the Columbia Committee of 100.  He received several awards for business and financial reporting, including the Ambrose E. Gonzales Award for Excellence in Reporting (The State‘s highest award) in 1982, and, most recently, was named South Carolina Small Business Advocate of the Year in 1996.  In 1995, he was part of an Atlantic Council delegation to create a relationship between South Carolina and the German industrial regions of Rheinland-Pfalz, Thuringen, and Erfurt.  Mr. Monk is now the president of the South Carolina Export Consortium.